2005-05-09 - NEW AND OTHER

times change.

my diaryland gold membership is 'bout to go bye-bye. we have no surplus money right now for ANYTHING.

for the uninitiated, no gold membership means no image hosting. in the recent crash, many of my photos went away and were never restored (which would represent a ton of work on my part). and then, there was the fact that my imac blew out the color green in my monitor (an oldie) so designing anything is wonky and weird colorwise.

my feelings about blogging have changed too.

one has to ask the question: what does posting anything personal in a public medium mean?

not that i know the answer.

one of the wonderful things that has happened by participating in blogging is to lurk about and discover others that one would never have occasion to meet. you get to experience many versions of life along the blogging road.

but my life has become much more challenging and my free time has erroded. i will soon have another new job title at the garden (advancement and rumored pay increase). a 30 hour-a-week collegue suddenly quit which means more work for me.

mancub is clinically depressed right now, so i am working through supporting him more, picking up more chores at home and need to pro-offer more caring attention. this shall pass, but it is an important time to walk with him through this to the resolution of a brickload of pain that he has borne.

so, i have selected an imageless template and modified it to my liking, and there it is.

i will post on occasion. this blog represented a certain striving for ballence in my life and time for myself, which is illusive right now.

"fuzzy logic" always was about reacting to an imperfect environment of highly variable, volatile or unpredictable conditions. it is about not relying on traditional either-or and all-or-nothing logic.

the "latte" part was about hedonism and guilty pleasures.

both can be here is a reduced way, if you will stay with me...

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